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1 "What does the word “ZUMBA” mean?"

2. What should I wear to a Zumba Fitness class?"

3 "What should I bring to class?"


4 "Do you offer corporate/

wellness classes/ private Zumba parties-if so what are your fees?"


5 "Where can I purchase Zumbawear and Zumba Fitness Music?"


6 "Can you help with my fund raising campaign?"


7 "My daughter loves watching me do Zumba but feels left out, I want to do something special for her birthday, can you hold a Zumba session for her and her friends as part of her Birthday Party?"


8 "Can I book you for other fitness activities other than Zumba for our school / homeschool program? "


9 "Is it important that I know how to dance?"


10 "Do you have beginner classes, because I'm concerned that I have no rhythm and I'm afraid that I'll look silly or embarrass myself?"

11 "I have issues with my knees, can I still participate?" 

1 - The word ZUMBA was coined by the company, and is an arbitrary word they selected as a brand to identify their dance fitness programs and related products. ZUMBA is the brand name of their particular programs and should not be used to refer to any other fitness program other than Zumba Fitness LLC’s and it’s authorized licensee’s programs.

2 - I suggest my participants wear comfortable active clothing that is not restrictive and allows appropriate cooling of the body.  Comfortable and lightweight athletic clothing ie yoga pants with a tee or tank and (for the ladies) a good sports bra. You'll also want to wear shoes that support aerobic activity, while providing flexibility for lateral movement.  There are also dance sneakers on the market, but a cross-trainer or court shoe will also work fine. Be mindful of retailers advertising ‘Zumba Shoes’. As of this date (2013) official Zumba Shoes are only offered through Zumba Fitness. You can view them under ‘shop’ here. Running and walking shoes can often have thick rubber tread and provide very little support for lateral movement. Find out your specific need and wear the proper shoe for you, this will provide a better workout and decrease your chances of injury. *Barefoot or sock-foot is neither ideal nor recommended due to a lack of cushion and support.  Also, dance style shoes are available at Sheridan Dance Academy: talk to Mariah most evenings during the week.

3 - Your Zumbawear!! Bring bottled water and a towel if needed, burning 500+ calories can get pretty sweaty! 

4 - Yes!  There are tremendous benefits to having workplace parties etc.  I have worked with wellness committees ranging from Financial Institutions, Care facilities and School Districts even wedding and Grad celebrations.  Fees vary depending on what is expected of me in regards to providing room ambiance, renting space etc.  Contact me, lets get together to see how this exciting initiative program can benefit your staff and associates!

5 - If I have stock you can purchase directly from me.  Alternatively you can purchase Zumba Fitness Music, Accessories, DVDs, Clothing etc from the web site  or from I-Tunes. Check with me because if I often place orders on behalf of others so together we can save on s/h fees.

6 - Absolutely!  I have discovered that a great way to make a Zumba class better is to 'Zumba for a cause'!  Let me know whats on your mind - we'll see what we can come up with! I have been able to accommodate certain charitable occasions with a variety of options.  Contact me - share with me your cause and lets work together!

7 - Kid's Birthday Parties are really fun!  Perfect 'kodak moments' too.  I enjoy doing 30 min sessions for ages 4-7 and 45min sessions for ages 7-12.  Your investment will depend on what is expected of me.  Lets talk!  

8 -  Yes.  Because of my certification as a Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Leader, I have learned to be flexible and adapt to the needs of the community.  There is plenty I can offer that is within my scope of practice.

9 - No it isn't important to know how to dance, Zumba is designed for everyone, no dance or fitness experience necessary. People of many different ages, body types, backgrounds, dance and fitness levels all come together to have fun and get into fabulous shape with Zumba®. The movements in our classes are simple, repetitive and easy enough for beginners to follow, yet challenging enough for advanced participants. If you get stuck on a step, remember to simply keep moving and as long as you are moving you're doing well! You'll notice remarkable improvement with dance skills, rhythm, coordination and endurance even after a few classes. Repetition is key to success, so attending class regularly will help you in mastering the steps and achieving long lasting results.


11 - In the regular Zumba® classes we follow the authentic Zumba® format, which allows for a multi-experienced class. You'll see a mix of ALL dance and fitness levels, from the beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness participant to the dance professional. Trust me, you are not going to look silly or embarrass yourself, because you are not expected to move like anyone but you! No one will judge or critique your dance moves or fitness skills. The most important things to remember while participating in a Zumba® class are to let go, allow yourself to move naturally to the music, keep moving and to have fun! Dances which may incorporate more intricate steps are reviewed until all are comfortable.


12 - Yes, unfortunately knee issues are very common, but Zumba® is a low-impact, high-cardio workout, allowing even those with knee issues to safely participate. Safety during any physical activity, is very important, so make sure your doctor supports your participation. Once given the OK, you must inform our instructors of your specific physical limitations. Whenever possible you'll be shown modifications, but you should know your body. Most importantly, remember to set and maintain your own pace and if something doesn't feel right, simply don't do it!


  • Zumba BasicZumba Basic
    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.
  • STRONG by ZumbaSTRONG by Zumba
    License to teach Strong by Zumba classes.
  • Zumba ToningZumba Toning
    License to teach body-sculpting techniques using Zumba Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm and build strength.
  • Zumba Kids & Zumba Kids JrZumba Kids & Zumba Kids Jr
    License to teach the custom-designed kids program that blends dance-fitness routines with fun games and high-energy music.
  • Zumba Kids & Zumba Kids JrZumba Kids & Zumba Kids Jr
    License to teach the custom-designed kids program that blends dance-fitness routines with fun games and high-energy music.